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There has been a lot of press coverage over the increasing crime rates in Western Australia.  It’s actually to be expected because when the economy slows and unemployment rises, crime increases. Nonetheless it does provide a good opportunity for me to float an idea I have been mulling over for a couple of years now.

Every poll usually shows crime as being a major concern amongst the community. It is for this reason I listed “ensuring our elderly feel safe in their own homes” as being one of my policies when I first ran for council four years ago. I didn’t replicate the policy in 2015 because with hindsight it was a naïve, and no doubt populist policy over which I had no control. It has always stayed with me though as it is the one policy in which I have failed the people; to date anyway.

I would like the City of Bayswater to host an “Our Community” Expo at the magnificent Riverside Gardens. It hinges on the full support and involvement of the police and also Liza Harvey the Police Minister (who in fact will need to fund it).

I envisage all divisions of the police being in attendance including:

  • Police helicopter
  • Water police & their boat
  • TRG and their rescue vehicle
  • Booze bus
  • Mounted police
  • Police dog squad

Of course the whole purpose isn’t just to have a police promotion day, it’s to make the community safer. So stalls are required which sell some of the following things:

  • Security screens/mesh
  • Security video cameras
  • First aid kits
  • Fire blankets and extinguishers
  • Window security sensors
  • Car alarms
  • Car hands-free kits
  • Personal alarms for the elderly
  • Anti-theft number plate screws

In addition the SES and neighbourhood watch should have stalls in an attempt to recruit members and share the good work they do. As too should St John Ambulance in an effort to get people to sign up to their first aid courses. Ditto for Volunteering WA and even some gardeners prepared to talk about one of my pet projects ‘verge gardens‘.  Anything and everything which builds our community.

rangers copyThe attractions to get the crowds there could include live music, police dog & horse shows and a multitude of information sessions covering things such as what the City of Bayswater rangers and security services do, crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) and home security experts.

  (picture: City of Bayswater website)

Perhaps with some of the products on sale such as the security cameras, for their residents the City of Bayswater could subsidise or source the product in an attempt to get more security cameras on our streets and make Bayswater a safer place to live.

What do you think, could this build community awareness, involvement and engagement? Would this benefit the wider community to such an extent that Lisa Harvey and the State Government would fund it? If you have any additional ideas or thoughts please comment.

Power to the People.

(Please be aware that these views are my own and have not been endorsed by the City of Bayswater)

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