Chris is happily married to Della, his gorgeous wife of ten years, who is very supportive of his endeavours. They are both blessed with two boys, Peter and Oliver, and a baby girl, Annabelle.

Chris is self employed and runs a financial planning business, Cornish Wealth Management, where he is in constant contact with people who are planning for their retirement or who are trying to build a better future for themselves and their family. Chris deals with a wide range of people including self-funded retirees, pensioners and people who are just starting out. He has empathy and understanding for each client and their individual situation and needs.

In addition to a number of professional qualifications, Chris has an MBA (Finance), a Bachelor of Commerce (Double major in Economics and Financial Planning) and a Diploma in Local Government (Elected Members).

Chris and Della attend St Albans Church Highgate and Peter and Oliver are educated at St Columbas Primary School in Bayswater. For a number of years Chris and Della have been involved in the soup kitchen run by their church, where Della’s role is to make a large quantity of delicious and nourishing soup and Chris serves it to people in need.

Chris volunteer work includes running the student school banking program at his son’s school and being a board member of Hampton Senior High School.

Chris was selected by his fellow councillor’s to be a member of the Development Assessment Panel, and was selected by the Minister for Local Government to be on the Local Government Advisory Board.

Chris believes that opportunity should be available to all and that it is each individual’s responsibility to take advantage of the opportunity afforded to them.

Focused on building the City of Bayswater into a vibrant, safe and united community.