Drones invade privacy

Drones r watching

Has your privacy been invaded since Christmas yet? Mine has, and at some point yours most certainly will be as well. Drones were a popular gift and they will be even more so in the years to come. Drones invade privacy, but privacy is probably not the most worrying thing about them. 

Drones were one of the most popular Christmas gifts of 2015, and as this site shows, one feature is a  “14-megapixel “Fisheye” camera records videos and still photos within a 180-degree field of view” and in true social media era, its user can also “share information with the community whilst you’re connected to YouTube and Facebook”.

When we talk about invasion of privacy it is usually connected to BIG Government keeping a watchful eye on ‘the citizens’, yet at least with the government you can be assured of some protocols of decency, such as not sharing the video of a neighbour lying in the pool with their facebook friends.

To date I am not aware of any local, State or Federal rules which prohibit or control the use of drones (for private use) over private property. Other than the privacy reasons, I shall give a couple of extra reasons why something needs to be done. First, any intelligent criminal should use drones to scout out a house before they break into it. Second, an individual, be it a public figure or an ex-girlfriend, can be stalked or have their space deliberately targeted by anyone who parks a couple of streets away and lets the drone zone in on them and their house.

It is indeed ironic that I write this blog on the same day The West Australian had an article titled “Bizarre laws still on WA’s books” detailing redundant laws which are still current in WA. Perhaps it should become a priority to update laws which are relevant to 2016 and not 1916?

I am interested in your views and experiences. If you see drones as a problem I will try and get a local law to prohibit them over private property and spur the State government into action. Animals don’t like them and I don’t see why humans should either.

Power to the People.

(Please be aware that these views are my own and have not been endorsed by the City of Bayswater)