I don’t want to be on Council just to say I am a Councillor,
I want to make things better for the residents and ratepayers I represent.

To that end, I have an impeccable attendance record at council meetings and frequently contribute to the debate, especially on matters of sustainable financial practices, corporate governance and perhaps most importantly pushing for greater community consultation and involvement.

Whilst there have been countless times I have moved, supported or amended (improved) council motions, I have also personally created the following motions at Council:

13/10/2015 – That the City write to the Premier, leader of the opposition and the Attorney-General informing them of our displeasure with the State Administrative Tribunal and requesting they make an election pledge to review the role of SAT with a view to disbanding it.

22/09/2015 – That the City establishes a 5 year footpath program. I do not consider it acceptable that there are many roads still without footpaths. People with prams, or on gophers, shouldn’t be forced to travel on the roads.

22/09/2015 – That the City of Bayswater produce information sheets and guidelines on the use of glyphosate based products with the objective of better informing the public when they are used, and minimising usage.

23/6/2015 – To develop an interactive mobile application in order to streamline the reporting of local issues.

28/4/2015 – Fly the Aboriginal flag outside the civic centre and display the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags, along with the Australian flag, inside the council chambers and on the various reception desks.

28/4/2015 – Allow edible gardens to be grown on people’s verges, in local parks where there is spare garden beds and develop a traditional community garden.

27/1/2015 – Initiate free wi-fi in the Morley town centre.

29/12/2014 – Amend the scheme to Prohibit multiple dwellings in residential areas coded R40 and below.

23/9/2014 – Increase the tree canopy from a lowly 13.2% to 20% by 2025 (you should already be seeing more trees on our major road reserves).

19/11/2013 – Include pedestrian concerns into the Citywide Traffic Management Study.

19/11/2013 – Provide drinking fountain with dog bowl at Houghton Park and other active reserves.

19/11/2013 – Install public toilets in the Bayswater town centre.

15/10/2013 – Create heritage and character protection guidelines for the City.

29/1/2013 – Beautify Russell Street Drainage Basin (next to Bunnings).

26/6/2012 – Audio-Record council meetings and make them available to the public via the City of Bayswater website.