Our Councillors are elected by the constituents of the City of Bayswater. Chris therefore believes it is essential that every ratepayer is heard and that their views are valued and respected. As such please get in touch with him with any concerns you may have with how the Council is currently being run, or any thoughts on how it could be run better.

The policies which Chris stood for are:

Responsible spending – It is totally unacceptable for rates to be increased by so much in the current economic climate.

Families are struggling. Times are tough. The economic future is uncertain. There simply is no excuse for Council to increase rates at a time when the Federal Government is handing down new taxes and all utility costs are increasing.

Chris will try and use his financial background to find cost reductions which will not limit services.

Ensure parks are available to counter urbanisation – Subdivisions and in-fill housing in the area mean more and more of us have no backyards or only limited space at home.
Open space is important. As the father of two young boys and someone who loves sport, Chris understands the necessity of having play equipment and open space available. He believes that every household in the City of Bayswater should be within walking distance to a park with play equipment and that we need a long term plan to ensure this.

Ensure Council operates in a co-ordinated manner with openness, transparency and accountability – Stop the focus on personal agendas. Our Councillors need to work as a team.

Everyone is sick of the petty squabbles our state and federal politicians have and there is no room for it in local council.  It is essential that any vested interests are left at the council chamber door and that everyone is focused on the betterment of the residents and businesses in the City of Bayswater. We live in a great area, but only with a united Council can we truly move forwards.

Support local businesses – Businesses employ local people, pay high rates and donate time and money to local initiatives.

As a small business owner and a member of the Central Eastern Business Association (CEBA), Chris understands the difficulties businesses face. The Council needs to work with local small to medium businesses to ensure their needs are being met. Businesses employ locals and help cover the cost of services for all ratepayers. They are an important part of the City of Bayswater.

Ensure our elderly feel safe in their own homes – It is a right we should all take for granted but unfortunately can not.

Any threat to our property or possessions is a threat to all. As a society we are obliged to ensure that some of our most vulnerable feel safe in their own homes. Chris wants to work with the Police and State Government on practical steps to maximize our community safety.

Ensure Child Care and after school-care is available, are modern and follow best practice techniques
As a father of two young children Chris knows the importance of effective childhood development. It is essential that these services and programs are readily available and follow best practice methods of education. The early years are the most important developmental time for children, yet both the State and Federal governments are remiss in not covering this area; it is therefore reliant on the Council to fill the void.

The policies which Chris stood for in 2015 can be found here.

Focused on building the City of Bayswater into a vibrant, safe and united community.