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Percent for Public Art?

Balancing Dollar

As a Councillor, one of the things we can do is table a motion at a council meeting. This is a tremendously powerful opportunity, but with it comes a certain level of responsibility. So, prior to any motions I have moved, I generally run it by the relevant Director at the City to check that my objective is actually achievable. There are a few benefits of doing this, including not making staff needlessly prepare a 4 or 5 page report on the merits, or otherwise, of a motion. Continue reading Percent for Public Art?


Get to know police                        (picture: WA Police website)

There has been a lot of press coverage over the increasing crime rates in Western Australia.  It’s actually to be expected because when the economy slows and unemployment rises, crime increases. Nonetheless it does provide a good opportunity for me to float an idea I have been mulling over for a couple of years now. Continue reading “OUR COMMUNITY” EXPO

‘Report It’ Mobile App

'Report It' Mobile App

I admit I am no graphic designer, as can be seen from the picture above, however I do try to come up with ideas which either saves money, enables more engagement with the community, or enables the City to provide a more efficient service. I think my latest idea is a doozy and ticks all those boxes.
I want to see the City of Bayswater develop a mobile app – ‘Report It’. 

Continue reading ‘Report It’ Mobile App