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Let’s Make An Urban Forest


The Eric Singleton Bird Sanctuary redevelopment has been a terrific success, and the City has received a number of awards over it. Predominantly these are for the wetlands management, water management and general project delivery; not necessarily in creating a better bird sanctuary. Let’s do that by planting more trees; hundreds of them.

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Significant Tree Register – City of Baywsater

A lovely house with a truly magnificent tree.  Certainly a significant tree. Somewhat ironic that the house which bears the negatives of the tree (perceived and real) receives the benefits of the shade, but the main beneficiaries are the streets surrounding the property which are able to view the tree in its splendour.  So how can the tree be protected so that the hundreds of houses surrounding it can continue to benefit? Continue reading Significant Tree Register – City of Baywsater

Percent for Public Art?

Balancing Dollar

As a Councillor, one of the things we can do is table a motion at a council meeting. This is a tremendously powerful opportunity, but with it comes a certain level of responsibility. So, prior to any motions I have moved, I generally run it by the relevant Director at the City to check that my objective is actually achievable. There are a few benefits of doing this, including not making staff needlessly prepare a 4 or 5 page report on the merits, or otherwise, of a motion. Continue reading Percent for Public Art?

A Solution For Preventing The Destruction Of Trees

tree valuation videoTrees on public land are cut down for a number of reasons. They may be deemed unsafe and a public risk, it may be that they are damaging infrastructure such as roads or pavements or it may be that they are positioned exactly where someone wants to build their driveway. In my time on Council other reasons have included requests from the public to destroy trees due to leaf litter, bird noise and the shading of solar panels. Continue reading A Solution For Preventing The Destruction Of Trees