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Maylands Waterland – The Facts

I’m a fan of Maylands Waterland and have been there many times. It truly is a unique facility. Regarding the possibility of it being shut down, there’s talk that the City administration has sprung it on council. I don’t believe that is accurate and think the administration has been guided by council over the last 3 – 4 years and the budget deliberations.   Continue reading Maylands Waterland – The Facts

Percent for Public Art?

Balancing Dollar

As a Councillor, one of the things we can do is table a motion at a council meeting. This is a tremendously powerful opportunity, but with it comes a certain level of responsibility. So, prior to any motions I have moved, I generally run it by the relevant Director at the City to check that my objective is actually achievable. There are a few benefits of doing this, including not making staff needlessly prepare a 4 or 5 page report on the merits, or otherwise, of a motion. Continue reading Percent for Public Art?

The Lyric Lane Concept

Lyric Lane

Being a Councillor can have its challenges sometimes. Section 5.21 (2) of the Local Government Act 1995 states that at a Council meeting every Councillor present must vote – there is no opting out of the difficult or controversial issues. Therefore each Councillor needs to have formed a position (hopefully an informed position) by the time of voting For or Against. The Lyric Lane proposal provides a good case in point. Continue reading The Lyric Lane Concept