Help spread the word about free Street Trees


Well, they’re not really free because, as with most things the City of Bayswater does, it is paid for from our rates. That said, people don’t have to pay any more if they want a street tree.
But do they know this? Possibly not – and your help is needed to change this.

I made a facebook post about how I am going to letterbox the City of Bayswater’s ‘street tree request form’ to my neighbours who don’t yet have a street tree. Since then a few people have made contact saying they too would like to do the same.

After liaising with Cr Dan Bull, we have decided to attempt, and co-ordinate, a mass letterbox delivery of the form. I have just printed off 1,000 forms, Dan will print the next 1,000 and we will print as many more as is required.

If you would like to actively participate in making the City of Bayswater a cooler, greener and more liveable City, please make contact so we can provide some printed forms (or you can print your own for your street) and record where you will deliver them. or

The benefits of trees are widely known so let’s try and get more forms filled out than ever before.

Power to the People.

(Please be aware that these views are my own and have not been endorsed by the City of Bayswater)