Cornish Out

Other than my family, the thing I am most proud of is being elected to the City of Bayswater council in 2011 and then re-elected in 2015. I thank the Central Ward residents and ratepayers for the step of faith they gave me in 2011 , and then their endorsement of my work in 2015. Eight years is a long time though, and I won’t be seeking re-election in 2019.

Being a Councillor can be extraordinarily rewarding. You get the opportunity to make positive changes, meet engaged members of the community, and work with fellow Councillors and the administration.  

During my time I have served with the following Councillors:

A varied assortment of personalities and priorities I can assure you. And each and every one of them have brought their unique views to the decision making table.

I’ve never wanted to be a ‘seat-warmer’, but instead attempt to be responsive to the people I serve, and active in moving motions which I think Council should adopt. Some have been successful, others not; most are detailed here.  No single Councillor achieves anything by themselves; they are all reliant on the support of others in order to form a majority position. So I thank all the Councillors I have served with; sometimes it has been fun, sometimes challenging, but always rewarding. Special thanks goes to Cr Sally Palmer, and Mayor Dan Bull. You are both fantastic Councillors and I am sure the electorate will do the wise thing and re-elect you both; and I will miss not being a part of that journey.

Whilst there has been a lot of change of Councillors over my eight years, there has also been a lot of change within the City of Bayswater organisation. Among other things, I believe we are the most transparent and accountable local government in the State, the most committed to red-tape reduction and one of the most committed to building our tree canopy. Whilst council has led these changes, they can only occur with a receptive administration who also buy into the vision. For that, I thank the hardworking staff at the City. From the outside it may not be apparent, so I can only assure you that we have some very dedicated people working within the City of Bayswater.

My time on council is over for now, and my focus is on the personal realm, but I remain committed to the City of Bayswater and wish to see her prosper. As such, if anyone is interested in running in Central Ward, you are needed; let me know and I will help you. Good people are always required.

Lastly, sincere thanks to the Central Ward residents and ratepayers who gave me such a wonderful opportunity over the last eight years.

Power to the People.

(Please be aware that these views are my own and have not been endorsed by the City of Bayswater)