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Political Interest Register

Political Interest Register

I think it is understandable that some Councillors have an attraction to politics and, ergo political parties. But I wonder whether the public has a right to know what, if any, ties their Council representatives have with registered political parties. As such I am considering moving a motion that the City of Bayswater introduces a Political Interest Register. I seek your view on this. Continue reading Political Interest Register

Concrete Batching Plant – Bayswater

Batching Plant(Picture used for illustrative purposes only and does not represent the proposed plant)

Further to my earlier blog post requesting people to make a submission to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), unfortunately the EPA have decided that whilst the proposed concrete batching plant “raises a number of environmental issues … the overall environmental impact … is not so significant as to require an assessment by the EPA”. This is a poor decision in the eyes of the community who will have to live near the proposed noxious industry. There is still hope though.  Continue reading Concrete Batching Plant – Bayswater

City of Bayswater Transparency


Courtesy of ‘Scaffidigate’ and multiple undisclosed overseas trips, transparency and accountability are front and centre for local governments – and the community we serve. I’m pleased to advise that the City of Bayswater is now joining the City of Vincent at the forefront of transparency.  Continue reading City of Bayswater Transparency

Are we becoming the City of Signs?

No Standing sign

When we really look at a streetscape what do we see? Do we see beauty which mindfully piques our interest and stimulates us to exist in a better way or are we flattened in boredom? Personally I have a problem with signs and think there are far too many of them. A small change will go a long way in fixing that though. Continue reading Are we becoming the City of Signs?


Get to know police                        (picture: WA Police website)

There has been a lot of press coverage over the increasing crime rates in Western Australia.  It’s actually to be expected because when the economy slows and unemployment rises, crime increases. Nonetheless it does provide a good opportunity for me to float an idea I have been mulling over for a couple of years now. Continue reading “OUR COMMUNITY” EXPO

9-11 King William Street

911 King William

A proposed 7-storey development in the middle of historic Bayswater has divided the community. Some people are desperate to see any development occur in an area which has been starved of development, others want a more controlled development, others want the Jacaranda tree preserved and others want the heritage buildings preserved in their entirety. As such, no matter what happens, there will most certainly be an aggrieved or disappointed party. Continue reading 9-11 King William Street

Concrete Batching Plant

Batching Plant(Picture used for illustrative purposes only and does not represent the proposed plant)

Would you like something like this within approximately 220 metres of your house? I didn’t think so, especially as it is classed a “noxious industry”. Yet this is the prospect a number of Central Ward residents, and businesses, now face. You can do something to help them though. Please help them. Continue reading Concrete Batching Plant