Volunteering for the Environment

Baigup Wetlands(Picture: P Lee)

I know a lot of people volunteer and contribute their time and/or skills to the community, and many more want to get involved but are not sure how. For those of you who love the environment, there is one particular group you may want to know about.

On Sunday 26th October my eldest son, Peter, and I went to Baigup Reserve in Maylands to help the Baigup Wetlands Interest Group with one of their ‘weeding and planting’ work days. Unfortunately we are still living with the problem of fast growing weeds which were imported into Australia with seeds and animal fodder by Europeans in the 1800’s, and these weeds are strangling our native plants and the water channels throughout the wetlands.

As can be seen below there was a good contingent of people, 28 in all, who came out and contributed to the cause.
hard work(Picture P. Lee)

Fortunately a mini-van pulled up and a group of eight hard working, and fully equipped, volunteers from ‘Conservation Volunteers‘ joined in to help as well. Conservation Volunteers commenced in 1982 and is a program which provides advice on various environmental projects around the country. Volunteers can choose the ones they want to help out with.  Their mission is “To attract and manage volunteers to participate in projects that protect or enhance our environment and heritage”. Admirable.

Whilst I’d recommend joining the Baigup Wetlands Interest Group if you live in the area, for those who would like to participate on a more ad-hoc, or varied basis, please see if there are any conservation projects in your local area which inspire you to make a difference.

No matter the size of the project, many hands make light work:
Baigup Reserve
And every hand does make a difference:
Near the end

My thanks to the Baigup Wetland Interest Group for being so organised on the day, and for your volunteering efforts in helping this sensitive environment throughout the year. If anyone would like to get involved with the group please email the Coordinator, Penny Lee, via baigup@iinet.net.au.