Bayswater City Soccer Club

champions cake(All pictures by Vince Caratozzolo)

I had the pleasure of attending the Bayswater City Annual Ball last Saturday. As can be seen from the cake above they have had a tremendously successful year and won all four of the available trophies. But their success goes beyond their on-field performance.

Bayswater City made history when they were the first team to win the Night Series, Cool Ridge Cup, National Premier League WA and NPLWA Premiership and there is no question they are riding high – very high.

winners(Winners are grinners – “The” team & their supportive spouses )

But it hasn’t always been the case and the success must be shared with the loyal volunteers and supporters who have helped grow the club to a membership of 1,200, and a club which is capable of fielding a staggering 29 junior teams. Credit must especially go to Gerry Maio, whose passion during his Presidency has driven much of this, and the committee who have held firm on their vision for what the club could become. They are now seeing this vision realised – although I know there is more to come.

Despite not being as involved with the club as much as I would like, I was honoured with presenting the Golden Boot award to the very talented David Heagney:

Golden Boot

… and I am very pleased to see the success the Club is achieving, and also their contribution to the wider community. If you’re not a supporter yet, join the ‘Baysie Army’, turn up to some games and hopefully we’ll be celebrating similar success at next year’s Annual Ball.