This is Caroline and Duncan. They are pretty amazing people, and what they have achieved is acknowledged throughout Australia, and beyond our shores. They are the founders of URBAN FOOD STREET™ and they are coming to WA. You have the opportunity to hear their inspirational, community building story – for free.   Event Flyer

The URBAN FOOD STREET™ is based in Buderim. You can read about how amazing it is here.

Unfortunately, the URBAN FOOD STREET™ movement has come under attack by a belligerent local government. The Sunshine Coast Council recently decided to implement a permit system, and impose the requirement for households to source the insurance cover for the (local government owned) verges.  They then set about destroying household verges which didn’t comply with their new regulations. You can read about this sorry saga here.

Anyway, there has been an outpouring of nationwide support for the residents involved in Buderim’s URBAN FOOD STREET™, including from WA. Caroline and Duncan made contact with me about their preparedness to stop off in WA and do a presentation about their journey. Not only will it be an inspiring message, but they believe what they achieved is able to be replicated; and as Caroline said to me, “neighbourhoods grow socially when people are connected through a common reason and purpose, and we’d like to focus on the capacity for communities to grow from the bottom up, without dependence on government.”

Sounds good to me.

If it sounds good to you, please come and listen to their story, and support their mission. Caroline and Duncan will be presenting at the ‘Institute of Place Management 4th International Biennial Conference’ in Manchester, UK. On their way, they have kindly offered to stop off in Perth and do a presentation at The Rise (28 Eighth Avenue, Maylands) on Thursday 31st August.

Costa (, Australia’s most well-known advocate for food producing plants on public land, will also be in attendance and showing his support.

Duncan & Caroline, Costa and myself are funding this, so please book your free ticket here –

If you are able to help out with the event, I’d appreciate you contacting me. If not, no probs; I hope to see you there.

I thank the following groups are supporting the event:


Power to the People.

(Please be aware that these views are my own and have not been endorsed by the City of Bayswater)

3 thoughts on “The URBAN FOOD STREET™ Story

  1. Well done Chris for running with this. Great initiative on your part and hope you get good support from Bayswater residents.

  2. Love to find out what is going on regarding any new garden news Thanks a Million
    Can help where ever needed just let me now so I can organise myself

  3. Thank you for fabulous event – really brilliant to see that there are so many great initiatives happening, after the destruction we have seen in Perth for similar in some places. Checking the real estate pages for a house in Food Street soon… ha ha.

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