Maylands Waterland – The Facts

I’m a fan of Maylands Waterland and have been there many times. It truly is a unique facility. Regarding the possibility of it being shut down, there’s talk that the City administration has sprung it on council. I don’t believe that is accurate and think the administration has been guided by council over the last 3 – 4 years and the budget deliberations.   Continue reading Maylands Waterland – The Facts

Let’s Make An Urban Forest


The Eric Singleton Bird Sanctuary redevelopment has been a terrific success, and the City has received a number of awards over it. Predominantly these are for the wetlands management, water management and general project delivery; not necessarily in creating a better bird sanctuary. Let’s do that by planting more trees; hundreds of them.

Continue reading Let’s Make An Urban Forest

Fridge & Washer City – Central Ward Business Review

What a pleasure it was deciding to come here tonight rather than make the trek to Malaga, Osborne Park or Belmont and visit one of the major chains – Good Guys, Harvey Norman, Kambos etc. If you need a washing machine, dryer, fridge/freezer or microwave, this is where you should come first. I have no doubt about that. Continue reading Fridge & Washer City – Central Ward Business Review

Significant Tree Register – City of Baywsater

A lovely house with a truly magnificent tree.  Certainly a significant tree. Somewhat ironic that the house which bears the negatives of the tree (perceived and real) receives the benefits of the shade, but the main beneficiaries are the streets surrounding the property which are able to view the tree in its splendour.  So how can the tree be protected so that the hundreds of houses surrounding it can continue to benefit? Continue reading Significant Tree Register – City of Baywsater


This is Caroline and Duncan. They are pretty amazing people, and what they have achieved is acknowledged throughout Australia, and beyond our shores. They are the founders of URBAN FOOD STREET™ and they are coming to WA. You have the opportunity to hear their inspirational, community building story – for free.   Event Flyer Continue reading The URBAN FOOD STREET™ Story