North Ward By-Election 2018

The results are in for the North Ward by-election. Congratulations to former Councillor Michelle Sutherland who received the electorates stamp of approval.  Admittedly, not my preferred candidate, but there is a very big positive…

First, the results:

Greig Maitland – 973;
Richard Hall – 215;
Mike Anderton – 733;
Michelle Hesford – 282;
Michelle Sutherland – 1007;
Informal – 37.

A solid 27% of the electorate voted.

Second, why not my preferred candidate:

Former Liberal MLA and Michelle’s husband, Michael Sutherland, is on record for calling the City of Bayswater Councillors who voted for the Refugee Zone and coal divestment a bunch of cockroaches and ‘Useful idiots’ (a Lenin quote).

The ‘cockroaches’ are highlighted below:

Refugee Welcome Zone, which came to council on 13 October 2015,

Fossil fuel divestment, which came to council on 27 June 2017,

You will note that I am not being referred to as a cockroach; my concern is only that I don’t like my colleagues, allied to me or not, being called names and castigated in the public arena. You will also note that former Cr Brent Fleeton (whose early exit from council led to this by-election) is not a ‘cockroach’ either. I greatly respect his courage in publicly tackling Michael Sutherland over this; I thought it was brave and principled of Brent.

None of the above is of course Michelle’s doing; however there will no doubt be more of Michael Sutherland at the City of Bayswater now.

Third, the BIG positive

Forget the ‘useful idiot’ part, a ‘useless’ idiot is someone who automatically votes against the annual budget whilst doing nothing to control or reduce costs. It is my sincere hope that Michelle will be consistent throughout this one year term in trying to control and reduce costs.

“Council needs to get back to basics, stop waste and curtail unnecessary expenditure” says Michelle’s 150 words.

I love it, I really do. Let’s do it Michelle! There’s another Cr who talks about council waste, and once it’s identified, you have my total support in getting rid of it. In addition, getting Council back to basics.

It could be a very productive coming 12 months.


Power to the People

(Please be aware that these views are my own and have not been endorsed by the City of Bayswater)