What’s Going On With The Maylands Markets?

Maylands MarketsThe Cornish family enjoyed attending the Maylands Hawkers Market  on a number of occasions.  The kids always seemed to find a few of their school friends there and that would be them occupied for the next hour or so, thereby allowing Della and I to relax.

It always amazed me that the very same place where anti-social activities  were originating from, for which Maylands was developing a bad reputation, could also be developed into a family friendly zone.  A place where everyone: families, singles, locals, visitors etc could congregate, chat to each other and enjoy a bit of good old community togetherness.

The first year was only a trial run for the Markets; a new idea that quite rightly needed to be tested. From the crowds that attended, and the vendors that kept coming back, it was clear that it could only be considered a resounding success.

Some businesses and landlords in the area have concerns about whether the Markets brings business to the local shops, or takes business away from them. There are also concerns about parking in Maylands. I welcome hearing about these concerns, acknowledge them and respect them; I will always listen to the residents and rate-payers views regardless of whether the views mirror my own or oppose them, and regardless of whether there is one voice or one hundred.

At the last Council meeting I voted to continue supporting the Maylands Markets because I felt that the community as a whole was benefiting  from, and enjoying this central area of Maylands which was being converted into a social mecca – at least for a few hours on Saturdays anyway. I was on the losing side of this vote and the Council’s support of Maylands Markets was deferred for consideration to the August Council meeting and subject to a number of hurdles; we shall see what happens when it comes back to Council.

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  1. Our Family loved the Markets and they made us feel different (safer) about living in Maylands. We would WALK from Ninth Ave on the other side of the tracks and shop at other businesses on the way and way back. The kids loved the entertainment and we would catch up with neighbours and friends we don’t see in our busy working week. It will be a disgrace if we lose them to another shire that are more forward thinking than ours. Keep up the good work Chris

    1. Thanks Kylie; I genuinely appreciate your comment. My family also walk (kids may skooter or ride sometimes though:) from 7th Ave on the other side of the tracks as well. I fully accept your point about feeling safer and also that it would be an absolute DISGRACE if CoB lost this to Vincent/Stirling or Swan. I really am not too sure what the issue is, but I have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure the Maylands Markets continue.

  2. I hope the business owners that fear loss of trade are not the same councillors standing in the way of this event this year. That would smack of conflict of interest. I appreciate your vote for the hawkers market, and mr Cornish – you will get my vote at the next council election.

    1. Thanks Cath for your comments. Whilst I am extremely disappointed that my spirited debate in support of the Maylands Markets did not get the majority vote (it was 50/50 which is why Mayor Sylvan Albert was granted a deciding extra vote), I do not believe there was any ‘conflict of interest’ from a business/trade perspective. As far as I can see any business in the area should be happy that an extra 500-1,000 people are congregating in the area; I certainly would be if I were still in retail. That said, I am not too sure why some people seem opposed to the Markets.

      1. Hit the nail on the head there Chris. If these business owners were as shrewd as they think they are then they should be relishing several hundred potential customers walking past their door. There is absolutely no logical reason to oppose these markets, it’s just baffling.

        On a personal note, any local business standing in the way of the local community is also not a business I have any interest in dealing with so they should consider that as well.

        My partner and I thank you for your support of the markets Chris, at least someone is looking out for Maylands!

  3. Thanks for your support of the markets Chris. We are yet another Maylands family with small kids who walk to the markets and have been thrilled at the way it has transformed an otherwise antisocial space.
    Please continue your support.

    1. I appreciate hearing your views Carissa. We’re on the same page re transforming an otherwise anti-social space. It is indeed odd for someone to bang on about how something needing to be done to tackle anti-social behaviour in the area, and then was against approving the Markets.

  4. Hello Chris,

    I agree, it would be a real shame if we let this event go. On behalf of Maylands/Bayswater local community, thanks for your support.

    I truly hope the reason for blocking it is not about people parking @ Maylands Park IGA. Even if people did park there, there’s a good chance they might pick up some milk and bread on the way home from the markets. Can only be good for business in my opinion.

    1. Hi Charles, I tend to agree that people would pop in to the IGA and/or chemist after the Markets; I personally have.

  5. As a resident of several years and a ratepayer, I’m a little ashamed to admit that I haven’t taken much interest in the affairs of local council in the past.
    The lack of support from our council for this great event has made me (and many others, I suspect) sit up and take notice of who our councellors are, and whose interests they support. Thanks for this article, and for supporting progress in our community.

    1. Thanks Rikki for your comments. Your vote goes further in local govt. elections by virtue of only approximately 20% of people voting. This means a Cr has been able to be elected with as few as 1,000 votes. Last election someone won by having only 4 votes more than another candidate, often it comes down to less than 100 vote difference between a successful candidate and a losing candidate. If this current issue gets more people voting then that is at least one positive. IN local government, your vote really does matter.

  6. I have to bring to every-bodies attention that we have supported this event from day dot. “Cr Martin Toldo, Chris Cornish, Terry Kenyon and Mike Anderton were the ones who are trying to rescinded this motion against the Markets and that we will see the turncoates at the meeting.

  7. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for taking the time to blog about the Maylands Market.

    Like you, I think it’s a great event and something that many locals would like to see continue in Maylands.

    Perhaps there’s a way to get local businesses to be more involved.
    I know there was support from local businesses Catering Green and Smoults who were stallholders at the markets but maybe there could be opportunity for other businesses (including those who aren’t food related) to be part of the market or offer an ability to advertise. Perhaps a free community stall each month, or the ability to handout vouchers/coupons or pamphlets may ease the concerns of local businesses.

    1. Hi Pia,
      Good points and I shall pass them onto LACE. At the last Council meeting one of the arguments I made on why we should support the Markets involved the possibility of the City of Bayswater also having a stall there where information can be passed between the CoB and the public. I believe there has been a community stall there; certainly I recall seeing Lions, however hopefully there is scope to open it up to more local businesses/organisations. Perhaps even the old Maylands Library, right on the corner, can be opened up and used. There are so many possibilities on how this concept could grow and become renowned around Perth; however for it to go anywhere it needs any unnecessary hurdles to be removed.

    2. Hi Pia, Last year we did give all local businesses a flyer, and/or poster. Several food businesses in the area were also approached to become a part of our markets.
      The Smoult’s Deli girls were straight on board (well before we launched), and Catering Green contacted us for space just after we started. Apart from that though, no local food business asked to participate.
      Even now, we look to be fully booked for the entire season already, and only one of the applicants is a local food business (Smoult’s).
      We do encourage local not for profits to have a stall at the markets and this was made available to 3 groups last season (not including the Lions), but only one of those groups actually showed up 🙁

      So, yes, we fully support local business being on board. But I can’t give them space if they don’t ask for it (especially if they wait until we are fully booked).

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