The Humiliation Is Complete

The final results of the 2017 State election for the East Metropolitan Region have been declared. And it is catastrophic for the Liberals. 

The East Metropolitan Region is where 6 members of the Legislative Council are elected (MLC’s). It consists of an area containing 14 state Legislative Assembly seats (MLA’s). I liken it to the Federal upper house (Senate) and lower house (MP).

The final result is below. The Liberals lost 2 of their 3 East Metro spots to The Greens and One Nation:

As recently as yesterday it was expected that Alyssa Hayden would retain a second seat for the Liberals. However the complicated preference system has obviously had an unexpected result.

The end result is that Donna Faragher MLC is now the ONLY Liberal representative throughout the entire East Metropolitan Region. Previously this would be unthinkable – have a look again at the size of the East Metro region in the heading picture; it’s a significant area.

The Liberals had 3 East Metro representatives and 7  MLA’s: Frank Alban (Swan Hills), Ian Britza (Morley), Glenys Godfrey (Belmont), Nathan Morton (Forrestfield), John Day (Kalamunda), Tony Simpson (Darling  Ranges) and Michael Sutherland (Mt Lawley).

All, except Donna Faragher MLC, are gone. It is a humiliating result for the Liberals – of which I am a member. Unfortunately I doubt the western suburbs power brokers quite understand the situation, nor the length of time it will take to repair the red-wash. Each MLA had offices, expense accounts and 2 staff members who were meant to identify community concerns and lobby on the community’s behalf. They are all now gone.

Impact on the City of Bayswater

Whilst I anticipated this result, it does cause some concerns. As a representative of the residents within the City of Bayswater I have freely spoken on issues which have been detrimental to you (and the Liberal party); eg. concrete batching plant, Eric Singleton development, trading hours etc. My “paymaster” is not a political party but instead the residents of the City Bayswater. That will always be the case whilst I have the honour of being an elected representative of Central Ward – City of Bayswater.

Previously I have worked with Labor’s Lisa Baker MLA, Dave Kelly MLA (and Amber-Jade MLC) on issues of local importance. They were in opposition and the only ones interested. The problem is that there is now no opposition. Opposition is needed to hold a government to account, and representatives of the opposition need to exist in order to raise issues in our State Parliament. This no longer exists.

Power to the People

(Please be aware that these views are my own and have not been endorsed by the City of Bayswater)