Thank You

Chris & Sally

Thank you.
Having a majority of people put a tick next to your name in order choose you to be their voice on council is truly an honour.

I am pleased my hard working and conscientious running mate, Sally Palmer, also secured one of the Central Ward spots. Sally had been a Councillor between 2007 and 2011 and I have heard many people comment on how dedicated she was to the people of Bayswater during her term. This is why I was keen to run with her. Together we ran a campaign based on truth, sincerity and an achievable, realistic platform. It was a relief to have this, and our previous work, acknowledged by the public who deemed us worthy of a second four year term.

I would like to publicly acknowledge the four Councillors who were not re-elected. The time and effort that each have committed during their term/s is immense. Whilst it is easy to find fault over a decision/s, very few people appreciate how much time and effort being a Councillor takes. Collectively these Councillors had 47 years of experience and most were doing this at a time when there literally was no remuneration – it was done solely from a desire to serve their community.

That said, it should be of great concern to the City of Bayswater council that from the five Councillors seeking re-election only one was re-elected. Incumbency is traditionally a strong advantage and yet in this election it appeared to be a disadvantage.

Clearly a large number of residents and ratepayers are not happy.

It is now up to the new council, with four new faces, to determine where the dissatisfaction lies, and to make the changes required, nay, demanded from the residents and ratepayers.

To the new council, I look forward to working collaboratively with you and making a positive difference for the people we represent.

To the one in every five people who voted, thank you. Regardless of whether you voted for me or not, I commend you for voting and exercising your democratic right. For those who didn’t vote, please rest assured I will still want to visit or speak with you to discuss any concerns you have.

I am excited at the possibilities we have and the potential for the City of Bayswater to once again be considered the leading local government in Western Australia.

Power to the people.

(Please be aware that these views are my own and have not been endorsed by the City of Bayswater.)