Fridge & Washer City – Central Ward Business Review

What a pleasure it was deciding to come here tonight rather than make the trek to Malaga, Osborne Park or Belmont and visit one of the major chains – Good Guys, Harvey Norman, Kambos etc. If you need a washing machine, dryer, fridge/freezer or microwave, this is where you should come first. I have no doubt about that.

Our Samsung washing machine broke down for the second time, but this time the $100 repair man visit advised it would be another $400 to get it working again. When you’re onto a bad thing, sometimes its best to cut and run, so we decided to do just that.

I’m pretty solid on the due diligence for making a new purchase and do my research. Initially I was planning on going to the large department type stores but google nudged me towards Morley Fridge & Washer City. Thankfully.

Unlike every single visit I’ve ever had to the large chains, I honestly felt that the owner of Morley Fridge & Washer City couldn’t care the less about what we purchased as long as we knew what we were buying and it suited us. The owner, Anthony Watson, gave us honest advice about the pros and cons of the different machines, the things to watch out for (ie. one major brand is manufactured in India, China & Germany – which one are you buying?) and the expectations we should have at different price points.

Categorically, you don’t get knowledgeable, informed service like this at the major retail chains. It just doesn’t compare.
As their website says:

“Because it’s their business they offer superior quality personal customer service and trade with honesty and high integrity.”

And the best thing; we walked out with an 8.5kg new washer for less than $600. Again, from their website:

“The Fridge & Washer City Group of Stores joined the largest electrical buying group in Australasia and so began to enjoy bulk-buying power, which is now passed on to our customers.”

I totally agree with these quotes and recommend you visit Morley Fridge & Washer if ever you have a need. You will not be disappointed.

Morley Fridge & Washer City can be found at 152 Russell St, Morley – opposite John Forrest Secondary College. 9272 9666.

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