City to Surf = Community

Chris & PeteI am writing this post at 9.45pm and my legs are still aching; and I’m talking real pain here. For the first time in my 40 years I did the City to Surf fun run. ‘Fun Run!’  – yeah maybe if you are a masochist. It all came about because my 7 year old son, Peter, goes to St Columba’s Primary School and they have an excellent program called Columba’s Runners. He’s involved in that, and they promoted the City to Surf so I naively agreed to register Peter and I. Anyway, the pain I am feeling is because I didn’t do any preparation or training – but I am committed to training for next year, because I certainly will be entering again.

As I was jogging today and throughout the (very) slow countdown of kms completed, I was struck by what an amazing event this is. The sheer number of participants, 45,000 people, is testament to how it has been embraced by WA. This link shows how the numbers of participants have increased since 1975. But what really struck me was the hundreds of people giving up their Sunday to volunteer at the event. Naturally the start and finish lines had a large contingent of volunteers, but every couple of kilometres along the race there were dozens of people preparing water cups to be handed to participants and then collecting the paper cups as they were strewn over the next 200 metres. In addition were the people along the entire course standing where the main roads had been blocked. All these people are the epitome of community. They are the ones I would like to see on t.v. and in the media, and they are the ones I give my thanks to. I have read there were 1,500 people who volunteered to make this event a reality.

I also acknowledge the companies; international, national and local, who forked out their dollars in order to support this great community event. The sponsors can be found here. Each and everyone of them is deserving of recognition.

Yuki Kawauchi, the winner of the 42km marathon, said “this course was very beautiful and I enjoyed participating”. With the Chevron City to Surf starting from a 4 kms walk, absolutely anyone can enter and hopefully I will see you there next year.


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