Chatters – Central Ward Business Review

Slap bang in the middle of Progress Street, between the Galleria and Coventry Village, is an excellent café/restaurant called ‘Chatters’. My wife and I decided to pop in there last night for a meal, and it was such a pleasant experience I felt compelled to write this blog article.

Most locals would be aware of Chatters as they were established in 2001. They offer an assortment of Singaporean, Chinese and Thai food within their 186 menu items. The exterior of the building hides what is a very comfortable, peaceful and tastefully decorated interior.

From the initial greeting, attentive table service and prompt delivery of food, the overall service was excellent.

We decided on Szechuan Beef, Red Curry Chicken and mixed vegetable dishes. With the rice, and opting in for their $2 ‘super-size’ option, the bill came to $52. Despite our best endeavours there was no way we could eat it all, so they happily  bagged it up so we could take the remainder home which covered lunch today.
$52 for 4 meals of this standard = very good value.


Chatters is an ideal spot for a couple, a big group or a business lunch. They are open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner and are licensed (can BYO wine & spirits though).

They deliver what they say on their website:

“At Chatters, we like to think of ourselves as providing affordable and delicious Asian cuisine in a modern environment with an emphasis on friendly and efficient customer service!”

If you’ve enjoyed a meal at Chatters, please share your experience in the comment section below.