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Advertising & Consulting – Planning Development Applications

Most State legislation dictates that any required advertising by a local government needs to be in the local newspaper and/or The West Australian. No doubt everyone’s come across these little adverts buried in the middle of a newspaper. Other than the cost, and the fact that readership of newspapers is ever declining, the big problem is that often that the people who happen across the advert, aren’t the ones who are being advertised to.  Continue reading Advertising & Consulting – Planning Development Applications

Free Wi-Fi in Morley

Free WiFi

Morley has been identified by the State government as being a ‘Strategic Metropolitan Centre’. As a strategic metropolitan centre, the Morley activity centre is second only to the central Perth area and of equal importance to other major centres such as Fremantle, Joondalup, Midland and Mandurah. As such I think there should be a free Wi-Fi service. Continue reading Free Wi-Fi in Morley